Almond Macarons

Finally back to the blog-sphere. Was really busy with school. :/

Shall do a macaron post since some of you are asking for it. 🙂

Macarons is one of my favourite dessert to eat and bake. They are so tiny yet they pack a punch of flavors esp if you use good almonds. Every macaron baking is an adventure i swear. Even i have done these umpteen times, i still get nervous when i beat the egg whites and mix the macaronage. A couple of extra beat on the egg whites, you would get dry egg whites which is absolutely what you don’t want. Reminder: nv walk away when you are beating the egg whites. Stare at it if possible… haha.. i’m kidding but keep an eye on it.

Macaronage is also an important part of a successful macaron. You wanna to mix it just right. Your macarons will fail if you over/under mix them. I usually eye ball it so if you do it a couple more times, you would definitely get the hang of it.

Almond Macarons with Nutella

i had forgotten to make the ganache before hand and was really lazy to wait for it to set and stuff, so Nutella to the rescue 😛

For Macaron Shells:

3 egg whites
50g granulated sugar
200g icing sugar
110g ground almonds


  1. Sift icing sugar with ground almond (Make sure you sift so that your macarons shell will be smooth)
  2. Whisk egg whites till foamy and slowly add in the sugar. Beat till you get a stiff peak. Be careful, dry egg whites
  3. Add your dry ingredients to your egg whites & fold in. i did mine in 2 portions. (You really don’t have to be too gentle with it.)
  4. Fold in till you get a slow moving magma batter
  5. Pipe on baking sheet & bake at 150C for 12-15 mins

Pipe batter on parchment paper and leave shell to dry

You wanna dry the shells so that you get the infamous feets 😡

Baked Macarons shells

Get ready to pipe them with whatever fillings you want 🙂 There are tonnes of variations you can work with! Buttercream? Ganache? jelly?

Piped shells. I filled them up with nutella & green tea buttercream 🙂

Enjoy & dig into it!


4 thoughts on “Almond Macarons

    • Hello.. Are u residing in spore? If yes, you could get them from phoon huat or bob mill’s brand. I got them for $19/kg Otherwise, just get urself blenched almonds and grind them in the food processor. Hope that helps 🙂

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