Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake

Alright! Down to the final blogpost of the day! Got really tired sieving & editing photos! Craving for fiesta cheesecake? no worries! Presenting to all of you, Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake! This is a really light, airy & moist cake! i have done this recipe countless times & i always bring them to parties whenever … Continue reading

Whole Wheat Cranberry & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies! Many people have been asking me for cookies! Therefore, different type of cookies are constantly on my mind. I got to do something different everytime so people don’t get bored with whatever i’m feeding them. *not that they are complaining, but it’s rather boring to do the same thing over and over again. Dad … Continue reading

Luscious Butter Cake

I’m back! Been really busy with tests & assignments! Finally took the sat off to clear up some blog webs here. i own many instagrammers¬† recipes *paiseh Butter cake! Something that sounds really easy to make but at the same time, it isn’t as easy as what it sounds! There’s lot of science behind getting … Continue reading