Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays People & have a GREAT 2013!♥♥

okay, i think i’m really late. But better late than never i guess? 😛 Back to reality, work/school/life

xmas treeThose little santa boots are filled with yummylicious cookies for my guest!

i’m supposed to update my blog like ages ago, but baking got the better of me. i literally spent my whole December in the kitchen & was shocked at the amount of flour, sugar, spices & butter i went thru the whole of Christmas! That’s almost 7kg each of everything minus the spices


Totally love the baking, absolutely hate the washing up! i’m sure i’m not the only one out there that thinks this way yah?

Anyway Christmas was awesome, the season of giving & sharing! Totally ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ christmas. The mood was good, everyone was happy & there’s food everywhere! Everyday seems like it’s a good day to be partying. Everytime i’m meeting up with some friends, i would bake them some xmas goodies just to share the joy of eating 😛


Since christmas is over, so are the holidays, i shall just show you people some of my “creations” over the holidays. So now, sit back and enjoy 🙂 make sure your mouse is within your reach though


Xmas MadeleinesMadeleines coated with xmas sprinkles

Xmas MacaronsXmas theme macarons

macaron toweri had these filled with chocolate Irish buttercream

xmas cookiesXmas cookies! I made a couple of renditions of it. Butter & gingerbread

Xmas fruit cakeXmas fruit cake! i had those fruits soaked a month before baking & packed them really tightly. i guess i had more fruits than cake batter :p #justsaying not that any of my guest are complaining

We had a xmas party on the Christmas eve. OMG! i literally spent the whole day in the kitchen. Preparing food is unlike baking! There”s a massive amount of nic nacs to be done! & not to mention, i had to have a timetable with me so that i know what goes into the oven at what time and when should each item be ready. Was really cool & i totally love spending time in the kitchen. It’s actually my 1st time preparing all the food for us to feast on! In the past, we would order them and have them delivered to our house for the party. Since my dad had the kitchen renovated late last year, i thought, since i had all the tools and equipment to feed my massive family & friends (17 people) , i shall get my hands on it!

Tonnes of food coming your way!~~~~~We had roasted beef, turkey, roasted potatoes, spiced sweet potato, crackling pork, pork ribs, salad, lontong, appetizer platter & a dessert platter on top of log cakes, fruit cakes, wines & more desserts!


roasted beedRoasted beef with dry rub

potato & porkCrackling pork & roasted vegetables

Pork ribs & crackling porkPork ribs & cracking pork! All sliced up & ready to be served!

TurkeyHere’s the turkey! What’s christmas without it right?

AppetizerAppetizer platter which consist of prawn & grapes with mango salsa, smoked duck & smoked salmon topped with caviar and dill

Dessert Dessert includes chocolate cupcake with peppermint frosting & chocolate eclair

Those cupcake toppers are totally edible! They are made of rice paper. The bad thing was i had to explain the whole time that it was edible & one of my guest even asked if the cupcake liner was edible :/ OPPS

Christmas DinnerPart of the dinner for the night! i had the rest stashed on the dining table. Running out of space in the kitchen!

After which, it’s time to feast & party! No pictures of the party cos everyone was busy eating & catching up!

OMG! That’s a really long post! i guess my longest post ever man! I hope no one finds this ranting annoying..

Anyway school has started & it’s pretty hetic for me. Prelims right after chinese new year, followed by exams!

Here wishing all my readers a HAPPY & WONDERFUL 2013! ♥♥♥♥


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