Honey Madeleines

I’m munching on these madeleines as i’m typing this post! The dad requested for some of these for him to bring to the office for his colleagues, so here it is! Made 2 batches of the batter last night so that there’s enough for us to munch on as well *greedy people Madeleines is one … Continue reading

Luscious Fruit Tart

We just celebrated Father’s Day and this is the tart i made for all the dads at my house! & off course for all the other guests as well. i was busy preparing the food for dinner that i totally forgotten to order a cake or what so ever, thus, my bakes to the rescue! … Continue reading

Bacon Cheese Loaf

This bread was totally a random bake! Apparently i had nothing to do and was stuck at home due to the really terrible haze that hit Singapore! How irresponsible of the indonesians! Although my house was fully air conditioned, somehow i still smell the haze! BAD!! i was totally hoping that the aroma of freshly … Continue reading

Orange Sponge Cupcake

I have always loved sponge cupcakes, especially orange flavored ones. You really could flavor this in any way you like it! i think i have a soft spot for anything cottony soft, light & fluffy. Something that is not too heavy for a tea time snack. The trick to getting a really fine texture to … Continue reading

Cartoon Swiss Roll

I’m finally back! So sorry for the lack of updates, was busy with exams all the way till end of may & lazing around till i realized i had too many backdated blog posts Presenting to all: Cartoon Swiss Roll! This is probably one of the cutest bakes i have done. Definitely not the most … Continue reading