Egg Tarts 黑妈妈蛋挞

Egg tarts (蛋挞) has been on my to bake list since forever and i never found a recipe that i thought was worth a try. i wanted something that wouldn’t involve the water and oil dough. Too much job there, till the day i’m very free, i might give that a try 🙂 There have … Continue reading

Wholemeal Bun

Wholemeal Bun! Finally something more healthy! this is my to go recipe for a good wholemeal bun! i love the texture that the wholemeal flour gives and at the same time, this recipe doesn’t have eggs included *vegetarian friendly and a very small amount of butter. i do not have a standard filling for my … Continue reading

Old Fashion Marble Cake

These days, whenever i see a friend, the 1st thing i hear is “what have you been baking recently?”, “teach me how to bake please!” There again, my standard response would be “what you wanna learn/bake?” Often than not, i get answers such as “let’s do macarons, let’s do cartoon swiss roll, let’s do choux … Continue reading