Ondeh Ondeh (Onde Onde)

194-002Ondeh Ondeh made with Sweet Potato

Ondeh ondeh! I have always wanted to make it because the family love it, but after blog hopping for quite some time, i still cannot find the right recipe that interest me. They either have too much dough or comments from others weren’t so good :/ It’s basically a “kueh” that is filled with gula melaka (coconut sugar) and rolled over steamed grated cocnut.

Finally found the recipe with the right ratio of dough to filling and this recipe is definitely going to be one of the best ondeh ondeh you have tried!

Anyway to sidetrack a little, i was featured in Munch Ministry’s homecooks spotlight! Do check it out!


Recipe adapted from travellingfoodies

Yields 30 20g balls



  • 330g sweet potatoes
  • 135g glutinous rice flour
  • 80 ml tepid water
  • 150g gula melaka

Coconut for Coating

  • 50g grated coconut
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 pandan leaves


  1. Peel and slice sweet potatoes and steam for around 20-30 min or until soften.
  2. While waiting for the sweet potatoes to steam, chop gula melaka finely to an almost crumb-like texture.
  3. Once the sweet potato is done, place grated coconut into a dish with crushed pandan leaves, sprinkle and toss in pinch of salt and steam for around 15 min. This is to cook the coconut to prevent it from going rancid too quickly.
  4. While waiting for the coconut to steam, work on the dough first mashing the sweet potatoes in a large mixing bowl. This is done traditionally with the back of a fork but a potato ricer, masher can also be used. Process the sweet potato until no lumps are observed and develop a smooth pulp-like texture.
  5. To the sweet potato mash, add glutinous rice flour followed by tepid water. The warm water should not be added all at once but over 2-3 sucessions, rubbing and kneading in the dough, sweet potato mash and water together between each addition to form a dough. 80 ml of water only serves as a gauge as it really depends on the level of moisture the sweet potatoes have. Stop adding water when the dough becomes firm and pliable.
  6. Divide the dough equally into small pieces, each 15g. Flatten each piece of dough with your thumb and place approximately half a teaspoon (about 5 g) of gula melaka inti in the centre. Cover the filling and wrap tightly. If necessary, dust your palms and fingers with a little glutinous rice flour to prevent the dough from sticking.
  7. Bring a pot of water to a boil before lowering the flame to a very gentle simmer. Place the glutinous rice balls gently into the water, stirring gingerly to swirl the water around and prevent the dough balls from sticking to the bottom of the pot. The water must be barely simmering, gently cooking of the dough balls to prevent them from bursting and at the same time, prolonging the cooking time for the gula melaka filling to melt completely.
  8. Remove the cooked balls which float up and drain slightly over a perforated spoon or a fine wired sieve before rolling them over the dish of grated coconut.
  9. Serve immediately.

Gula Melaka Filling15g dough to 5g fillings (Sorry about the awkward picture. I was focusing my almost too heavy 5D on one hand while trying to pose) 😛179

A bowl of ondeh ondeh! Perfect for any after meal dessert!

Ozzing fillingThey taste especially good when it’s served hot! Check out the oozing gula melaka!

Have fun in the kitchen!


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