Passionfruit Macarons & Tips on Macarons Making (French Method)

Passionfruit MacaronsPassion fruit Macarons with passion fruit Swiss Meringue Buttercream!

Alright! Finally down to a macaron blog post that many of you have been requesting.. i receive an average of a couple of emails each day requesting for everything on Macarons and i finally gave in to request pressure 😀 Off course i’m glad to be receiving such emails, it just goes to show that i’m having a steady readership! Thank you all for the support!

After much experimentation and messing around the kitchen, i finally got the recipe finalized and i can assure all of you out there, if you follow it to the T, you will definitely get proper macarons! A buddy of mine have been requesting for passionfruit macarons for quite awhile and off course laziness got the better of me. it has been the 3rd week of school and off course as usual i’m busy with things here and there, getting into the mood of studying, thinking of new stuffs to bake, modifying recipes and lastly messing around the kitchen!

Macarons are known to be very finicky and personally i feel that it’s a myth! Don’t let others out there scare you into thinking how tough it is. You just have to get it right once and you are good to go! i’m not a pro in macarons study so please only quote me on things that i have said. Things that i do not mention, i probably haven’t tried it, or have yet to work in that direction.

i’m generally more of a French macaron person, reason being that it’s less troublesome (without having to boil the sugar syrup)  but that doesn’t mean that it’s easier than italian meringue. To be entirely honest, italian meringue method have much more leeway for errors than the french method but i shall share some of my experiences with you and feel free to drop me a comment or email should you wish to clarify any doubts. (i’m no pro though, but i’ll try my best)

HERE WE GO~~~~ i have consolidated some of the Frequently Asked Questions that i have received and i’ll try to answer them to the best of my capability.

Do we need to age our egg whites?

Personally, i’m a die hard fan of aged egg whites. i have tried variations of making them without aging, and results has always been inconsistent. Fresh egg whites contains too much moisture so how do i age my egg whites? i leave them in a container and instead of covering it with it’s lid, i put a piece of serviette over it so the whites could dry out in the fridge. People have said, age for 3-5 days, but for me, 1 day is good. i have tried 1,2,3,4,5,,6,7 days, and i do not see any significant differences in the end product

What kind of almond flour do i use?

Any ground almond would do. But off course proper ground almonds, not those that are oily. Anything from Phoon Huat, Sunlik, they are all good or you could even make your own. Just get peeled almonds and blitz them in the food processor till you get finely ground almonds! BUT…. Remember to use the PULSE function instead of just putting it to no. 1 or 2. You will end out with a terrible oily mess. Remember, almonds are some oily nuts, only do that if you want to get homemade almond butter.

How long do i have to dry my shells before baking?

i would say anytime between 30-60mins. it really depends on the humidity of your house. Personally, i bake macarons with my aircon on, off course you don’t have to. Blowing the fan at it works too. Just give it a little air to aid the drying process.

Does the kind of icing sugar matter? With corn flour? Without?

NO!! i have tried every single brand of icing sugar in the market and no they do not differ. 😀 *Plus point. which also means that we can stop blaming the icing sugar! HAHA 😀

How do i know if i have over or under mixed my macaronage?


  •  2 easy pointers to look out for! if you are unsure, just scoop a dollop of batter and put in on the plate. Any peak should disappear in 3 secs and if they still appear stiff, they are probably under mixed. Just a note to share, whenever you feel that you have under mixed, give it a couple of folds and check again. Always remember this is a route of no return. You can always under mix and give it a couple more folds but you can never undo folds :X
  • When you pipe your macarons, they shouldn’t spread too much. If they start spreading, you know you have over mixed! And honestly, i have never had a proper batch from over mixing, so my recommendation to you is to just throw the whole thing away, you would probably be wasting all you time and effort if you insist on sending it into the oven.
  •  A proper macaronage should be no more than 50 folds and should look like a smooth moving lava, holding a V shape <—

Alright! That’s it for now. Will do a more detailed post on macarons if i have the time to do all the DO NOTS and do a pictorial post on it! Now back to the Passion fruit Macaron Recipe!


Yields 30 macarons (Depending on the size you pipe)

Macarons Shell


  • 100g egg whites (about 3 egg whites)
  • 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 200 grams icing sugar
  • 110 grams ground almonds
  • 25 grams granulated sugar
  • Color as you desire (NO LIQUID COLORING!!) Use paste or powdered


  1. Sieve ground almonds and icing sugar into a bowl
  2. Whip room temperate aged egg whites with cream of tartar till soft peak and gradually adding in granulated sugar & colorings till you get a stiff peak! (Remember we want stiff peaks, not dry meringue)
  3. Incorporate dry ingredients in 3 additions into the meringue and fold in till you get a smooth moving lava
  4. Pipe and dry shells till they are not tacky to the fingers when touching
  5. Bake at 150C for 15 mins (Every oven temperature differs & i would strongly suggest getting an oven thermometer)

PassionFruit Swiss Meringue Buttercream


  • 2 egg whites
  • 100g castor sugar
  • 150g butter, softened to room temperature
  • 6 TBSP Passionfruit juice


  1. Combine egg white and sugar and place them over a double boiler
  2. Whisk them together until all the sugar is dissolved and the egg whites starts to turn opaque and fluffy
  3. Continue whisking till egg whites are too hot to touch
  4. Transfer egg whites to mixing bowl and beat at high speed for about 5 mins till light & fluffy or until bowl is cool to touch
  5. Start adding softened butter, piece by piece until all incorporated and continue whisking till it comes together.
  6. Lastly, add in the passionfruit juice and mix well to combine

baked shellsBaked Shells

Macaron TowerCheck out those feets! the passionfruit buttercream was really a die for!

PF macaronsHeavenly! Pardon this picture quality! Was taken with my phone.

Lastly a picture of MACARONS to end the long post! Hope all of you have fun trying out this recipe!

Oh my! This is a really long post! it took me about 2 hours to complete! Hope all of you enjoy reading it and feel free to drop me a comment or email should you have any queries.


42 thoughts on “Passionfruit Macarons & Tips on Macarons Making (French Method)

  1. Hi, I am using Ariston Openspace Oven the fan type. Are u using it also? What should I set for the temperature? Under what symbol? Thank you.

  2. Hi again, my first tray came out perfect. I tried the same recipe and method again after lunch, it failed terribly again, with very crispy texture, domed shaped and no ‘feet”.

  3. Hi i had followed ur recipe and instruction closely but I couldn’t get a smooth texture macaronage and my macaron turn out all crack. Is there any way I can save it? I’m pretty sure I fold quite many times but lesser than 50. Thank you for ur recipe 🙂

    • Hello, if you did sift ur icing sugar and almond flour properly and still getting rough surface, than u are probably mixing it the wrong way. It’s not about the number of times actually, sometimes the way we fold in and the strength we use affects the results as well.

      Also, if ur batter after 50 folds looks lumpy, you may have over beaten ur meringue. Do u have any pics to show me? It’s easier for me to troubleshoot with a pic. (Email me)

      As for cracking, ur shells are most likely not as dry as you think they are. Sometimes i dry my shells up to 1.5 hrs. They have to be slightly firm and not stick to ur hand when u touch it. Hope that helps.

      If you have a pic u could email me 🙂

      • Thanks for you reply. I didn’t took a picture of the batter 😦 I guess might be me not sifting the almond properly? Cause it’s really tedious to sift the almond out, so sometimes i rub it against the sift :X Will try again after I pluck up courage and patience 😀 Thank you! really appreciate your advice 🙂

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  5. Hi, I am wondering approximately how long it will take to prepare and cook and complete the dish as I am making it in a food class at school. Thank you.

  6. Hi, ur explanation on aged egg whites, does it mean to leave the egg whites only in the fridge overnite covered, thereafter measure to 100gm?

  7. Hi, I made the PassionFruit Swiss Meringue Buttercream and put whatever leftover in fridge, but when I tried to use again, I noticed while I was pressing the decorating bag, there are some water coming out. What should I do?

  8. Hihi, i follow all ur method but my macaron cracks surface n dont rise at all. 7th attempt alr but still cant it right. Closes is is rise but crack top. Feel like crying liao. My gal.loveee macaron but i cant get it right.. help!! (Pulling all my hair away 😄😅)

    • Hello,

      Crack could mean so many things tbh. There could be moisture in ur shells, the shells are not dried enough before u bake, u have overwhipped ur meringue, overfold ur macaronage.

      If u have a pic of it, i think i could assist u better 🙂

  9. Hi Dalyn, sorry just saw your question. Yes, the fan mode was on because it seemed that there is no way to shut it off. Hope this help.


  10. Hello!
    I am a cake lover, but never have made macarons. My son is turning 3 in March and planning on making some as adult favors… THAT OF COURSE IF THEY COME OUT RIGHT…:/ I promise I will follow each of your great advices, but as I read other people experiences, makes me cry with them.
    Well I will take pics of each step to be able to show you in case I need XTRA SUPPORT.
    Haha, thank you for the recipe!

  11. Going to make these for Easternso hopefully they will be great…. I have read so many failures so I hope I won’t be in any of those poistions,
    Looks like a great recipe and thanks for all the tips!

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  13. thanks for sharing. I made some macaroon. A very successful one with feet and no cracks after 4th attempts.
    But I have a few questions here:
    1)why are macaroons turned out hard?
    2) I agreed tat sieving icing and almond is a tough job. Tried both bob red mill and photon HUAT super fine grounded almond, processed them and sieved it. But it still took me an hour to sieve them all. May I know which siever were u using?

    • Thanks for trying! Hope u enjoy it!

      Macarons are usually harder once baked.. It needs to mature in the fridge for a couple of days for the fillings to moisture the shells again.

      Eh i’m using a regular sift. Took me about 10mins to be done. Just remember not to rub the almonds too much to prevent it from turning rancid.

      • 10 mind to sieve the almond, tat was fast. Sorry for asking , did u reprocess the fine grounded almond in the processor?

  14. I was looking for new filling ideas to try out with my macaron shells. Never though of trying passion fruit buttercream before – might give it a go and see how it turns out!

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