Pistachio Raspberry Mini Cakes

Pistachio Raspberry Mini Cakes Hello people! What a hectic week i had! Was revising for my prelims, baking, doing interviews and off course preparing some desserts for a potluck party! i was thinking really hard what should i make for the photoshoot and BAM! Saw some pistachios (leftovers from chinese new year) laying around and … Continue reading

Chocolate Macarons with Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Macarons with Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache! Hello People! So sorry for no updating in a long long while. Been so busy after the Christmas preparing for the Lunar New Year. For my international readers, Chinese New Year is an important traditional Chinese holiday celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar.┬áChinese New Year celebrations … Continue reading