Merry Christmas & A Recap of 2014

Merry Christmas to All my readers! So sorry for the lack of updates as i’m extremely busy with my new job and lots of adjusting to the working lifestyle. The 1st job i had in my life and i’m pretty much enjoying it, glad to be learning lots of stuff. Then again, i took an off day today so that i could clear some backlog of the blog and get you all some of the recipes that i have done but yet to have time to edit the pictures and all. It’s really tough juggling blogging, teaching, working and of course family and friends!

As usual, Christmas dinner is held at my place and of course i’m the one preparing everything. i don’t mind the job though. it’s just my way of saying thanks to the family and friends and i’m glad all of them enjoyed it. That being said, it’s a whole lot of planning to be cooking and baking for 30 people, but i’m glad i pulled it off! Some visuals for you readers of what i prepared for the xmas dinner!

appetizerAppetizers consist of smoked salmon & caviar as well as smoked duck with pomegranate

cheese platter

Cheese Platter

stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms with Chorizo

cheesy platter

Cheesy Platter of mussels & Scallops

lamb leg

Roasted Lamb Leg! A huge 3kg slab


Rosemary Turkey. Really moist and flavorful

roast ribeye

A huge 3kg slab of grassfed ribeye roasted to a medium rare perfection

pork loin

Pork loin with gravy!

dessertHomemade dessert platter! So glad this was a crowd pleaser! We had macarons in 4 flavors, pistachio, salted chocolate, melon & peppermint chocolate. Followed by the next tier of mini tartlets filled w tangy lemon curd. Lastly, danish topped w custard and fruits! So thankful the friend taught me how to get the danish pastry done from scratch!

fruitcake bundt

And how can i forget the awesome fruit cake that the family loves! What’s better? They were baked in the nordic bundt tins. Look great man!

logcakeWhat’s xmas without a logcake? Super refreshing yuzu and strawberry logcake seals the deal of the night!

That’s dinner for the night. Now a quick recap of 2014!

2014 has been a really good year for me. Not that other years were bad, just that this has been a really accomplished year.

1. Graduated with a 2nd class Honours from the University Of London! Finally got done and over with my university life. i don’t miss it for sure, studying’s not my cup of tea. Regular readers must be so sick of my studies ranting, but all’s good now. No more studying at the moment until i decided to pursue further in baking and pastry.

2. Got my dream job of working in a bakery. it’s tough in Singapore if you are without a F&B certification. i’m currently a baker (both pastry & bread) and a training instructor at bakerz@work. Love the job and challenges. Definitely something i didn’t saw myself doing a couple of years back.

WorkSome of the bakes done at work for orders & production

classes Classes that i conduct, Corporate, modular as well as school trainings.

3. Got sponsored by Mayer- Kitchenaid. Did a magazine interview for their magazine, did a Demo for the at Tangs Orchard, doing product reviews and just received a new bread maker and bamix from them just about a week ago. Product review coming right up.

GS9A51299-003Sponsored items

Tangs DemoDemo @ Tangs Orchard

Mag interviewMagazine interview for the Kitchenaid Magazine

These are some of the milestones i could remember at the point of creating this post. Mind not functioning too well after a long day yesterday preparing for christmas dinner yesterday. HAHA! Sign of aging

This is the season to be really grateful for and i’m grateful for all my family and friends, people i met along the way, students, clients and many more.

Have a Merry Christmas & A Happy 2015 :DD


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