Giving back to the society has always been something really close to my heart. As a volunteer, I see so many people from all walks of life, especially elderly who needs immediate attention to their living environments. When I was contacted to be part of this project,#ForAGoldenHome, I was more than happy to contribute whatever I could.

As a pastry chef, the bake sale could not be more appropriate. I could make use of whatever baking skills I have to be raising funds for the needy. There wasn’t a second thought when I was contacted to be part of this project. Coming from a tightly knitted family, I could understand the values and warmth of having a really close family and how much I could appreciate my folks and my grandparents. But, I’m sure there are many elderly out there who are living alone in a not so desirable environment and it really means a lot to be able to give them a place they could call home. A home where they can spend their retirement or twilight years in a comfortable and clean environment.

For a Golden Home is a fundraising campaign that aims to help the needy elderly community. This community, who are often destitute, stay alone in unhygienic and cluttered one-room flats that easily gives rise to health and safety problems. In our ageing population, the number of these elderly poor is at high risk of rapid increase, along with the need for a strong support network.

With a goal of S$25,000, For a Golden Home will channel funds to enable volunteers in reaching out to this community in partnership with Project HomeWorks, an on-the-ground initiative that assesses and cleans up their homes to restore basic living conditions.

i had a bake sale held @Hive last weekend and was really glad by the immerse response from my fellow instagrammers and friends. i could not have raised $700 without the help of all of you. Thank you so much!

These are some of the items that were made for sales at the bake sales. All of them included beenut butter, with courtesy from Second helpings!

GS9A9623Beenut Butter Macarons GS9A9653

A specially requested color theme for a birthday party! Although it required me to do another batch of macarons, i was more than willing!

Beenut butter macarons

More Macarons!

Cocovan coconut chocolate bar

Love this beenut butter with coconut, raw oats, coconut flakes, coconut oil as well as a really good chocolate to tie everything together! AwesomeCocoa beenut butter w chocolate and caramel truffleLastly, i made some truffles. These were so so so good i kid you not. Just imagine, salted caramel, beenut butter and 75% chocolate! Spells genius man! A sprinkle of gold dust just because it makes it looks more classy to be sold at a higher price 😀


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