What’s a Kitchen without Tovolo? Sponsorship by Tovolo Singapore


Kitchen and baking tools has always been something i’m really particular about. It has to be sturdy, comfortable to the grip, safe to use and more importantly look beautiful. i admit i’m one of those who buys with my eyes. Who has time for those boring white spatulas that we see everywhere?? 😀

Tovolo is a brand that i have been using for awhile now. I used to get them from the USA when they were not so readily available in Singapore and have been using them since! As a pastry chef myself, i know how important a kitchen tool can be. There are times where you just step into a foreign kitchen and nothing is suitable for you and i hate that! More importantly, the right tool gets the job done more efficiently and what’s better when they work the way they are suppose to work, looks the part and who doesn’t love it when they come in such fashionable colors?

i was beyond ecstatic when the guys at Tovolo Singapore told me they would be sending me items from their range available in Singapore.


Ain’t these lovely? Love how sweet the colors are. And for me, all my kitchen tools are red, which also explains why most of the things i took were chilli red!


Check out those spatulas. Ain’t they sweet? i’ll be introducing the items as i blog about them in the upcoming recipes 😀

Those pastry mats are something i’m dying to try out. I have used really bad ones, so i’m really excited about this!


Stay tuned for reviews on dough whisk! i swear they are the best as compared to the whisk. And now, i need to make some pizza to check out the pizza wheel! but i’m sure no one will complain where pizza is on the menu for dinner.

And oh, did i mention those mini spatulas. They are just so cute!

Boy, that ice cream scoop is one sturdy one and best of all, they can be rested on your counter top, minus the mess!


All Tovolo products comply with the Food-Safety Standards of the United States of America. Tovolo products are produced with FDA-Approved raw materials and comply with the FDA Regulations concerning plastic and non-plastic materials intended to come in contact with food.

Wait no further. They are now available in Singapore!

You could get them from all Robinson stores, Metro, Takashimaya, Harvey Norman Suntec City and they are also available online at :

On top of the convenience of online shopping, there’s FREE DELIVERY!



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