Cheesy Charcoal Loaf


Who loves Cheese?! i’m sure many of us would love a nice melty cheese in our bread!

This was also one of the favourites during the demos! They were mostly intrigued by the black charcoal appearance of the loaf!


Yields 2 Loaves

Preferment Dough (Old Dough)


  • 40g Bread Flour
  • 4g Instant Yeast
  • 28g Water
  • 1g Salt


  1. Mix all the ingredients together
  2. Leave at room temperature for 1 hour and transfer to the chiller and rest overnight in the fridge for a minimum of 12 hours

Main Dough


  • 233g Bread Flour
  • 5g Charcoal Powder
  • 150g Water
  • 5g Salt
  • 5g Instant Yeast
  • 12g Brown Sugar
  • 12g Butter
  • 30g Hard Cheese
  • 70g Old Dough


  1. Mix all ingredients on Speed 2-4 for 4 mins (Except butter and cheese)
  2. Add in butter
  3. Mix on Speed 3 for another 5 mins
  4. Do a window test
  5. Add in cheese and knead till well incorporated
  6. Rest for 30 mins and do a fold
  7. Shape and proof till double in size
  8. Bake at 220C for 20mins


Check out that melty cheese!


Really good crumbs and flavour!

Check out that melty cheese!


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