Moving On ~ Recapping 2015

2015 has been really kind to me in many ways! Although we are already in the new year, i thought it was a pretty good idea to do a quick recap just like how i did every year. *in case my memory starts to fail in the coming years*

This is the year that i had lots of teaching opportunities, demo engagements, demo classes with Kitchenaid (Mayer), and many other opportunities to meet chefs from all over the world. It was an extremely rewarding year in terms of my career and i have so much more to learn but i hope to be able to engage and learn more in this year. i feel that it’s really important in this industry to keep learning, unlearn and relearn. The entire process is really rewarding and how much we can learn even just by watching how master bakers get it done.


Hosting Chef Peter Yuen (Viennoiserie World Champion)

Recap 2015

I have heard so much about him, admired his work over Facebook but it was a whole different dimension just to meet him in person. He got me all excited about laminated dough and has allowed me to embarked in a whole new career of teaching croissants and viennoiserie (something which i really enjoy)


Graduation Ceremony – University Of London

Recap 20154

Finally got done and over with the graduation ceremony of my business degree! Never thought i would be doing what i’m doing and i’m really grateful for the support by my family esp my dad who was really encouraging when i spoke to him about my career choice.

Finally the last thing i did my grandpa proud of and he has always wanted me to wear that mortar board. Although we didn’t managed to do the studio shot, i’m glad you were present for the ceremony and at least i have a picture taken with you in that graduation gown. i knew you were really excited about the day and i could see you beaming the entire time!

(He passed away on the 8th Nov 2015). i miss you grandpa ;(


Demo and Classes with Kitchenaid 

Publicity 2015

Got lots of opportunities working with Kitchenaid! i did a number of demo classes for them, did their shopping malls demonstration  as well as those in their showrooms. Love the interaction with different people especially those who were eager to learn and i’m more than wiling to share!

Looking forward to more collaboration opportunities!



Recap 20151

Giving back to the society has always been really important to me. When i was contacted to be part of this project, i was more than ready to lend a helping hand.

i’m really thankful for all the support by my friends. They managed to preorder and snap up everything i had for sales! *Really blessed to have such friends around*


Works of 2015


Recap 20153

Recap 20152

Recap 20156

Recap 20158

These are a portion of the work i have done for the year. So much more to learn and improve! i’m ready for the challenges in 2016. Will be heading to Taiwan in March to meet some bakers as well as Wu Bao Chun.


Let’s go 2016! i’m preparing to get some lunar new year goodies recipe up.

Although there will be no celebration in the home this year, but work still goes on and i hope those recipes will be able to help and bring joy to other families.


Till then,

Happy Baking!


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