Flaxseed Rolled Oats Sourdough


Flaxseed Rolled Oats Sourdough

Tell me who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the house? Baking sourdough breads in a commercial oven is easy but baking it in a built in oven at home is no easy feat! i have been messing around with different ideas and set ups just so that i could teach my sourdough class and students are able to bake them at home! My idealogy of a class is such that students are able to replicate what is done in class and not something which is really far fetched and unattainable!

After trying a couple of methods, i got the best results from baking the bread on a stone with water poured over lava rocks to create the steam needed for the oven spring!



16 Hours Stiff Levain (60% Hydration)


  • 60g T65
  • 36g Water
  • 4g Stiff Levain Starter



  1. Mix all ingredients together and leave it at 22-24c for 16 hours


Flaxseed Soaker


  • 40g Flexseed
  • 62g Water


  1. Soak flaxseeds and water overnight




  • 36g WholeWheat Flour
  • 280g T65 (Or any kind of strong bread flour)
  • 36g T45
  • 7g Salt
  • 256g Water
  • 102g Flexseed Soaker
  • 70g Levain



  1. Mix all ingredients (excluding flaxseed soakers) together in a stand mixer with the dough attachment till windowpane stage
  2. Add in flaxseed soaker
  3. Rest and bulk dough for 3 hours with 1 Stretch and Fold at every hour interval
  4. Pre shape dough and rest for 20 minutes
  5. Final shape dough and proof at room temperature till dough is proofed
  6. Preheat stone and lava rocks in the oven for an hour
  7. Bake in a preheated oven at 250c for 20 minutes and 230c for 15 minutes
  8. **Remember to pour water over lava rocks to create steam



Crumb Shots!


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