About Me

Hello, this is Charlynn & welcome to my little corner where i de-stress in the kitchen. Away from the hustle & bustle of school life! (i have since graduated from the University of London)


Currently a pastry chef and baking instructor

Working as a pastry chef has been a dream job that i never imagine i would land myself in. Being self taught has its pros and cons,  but for now, working in the kitchen is really a Full time job. Why do i say so? Apart from my day job as a pastry chef and baking instructor, i come back home to more recipe testing, sponsored post, product testing for my sponsored products like Kitchenaid, BaMix etc. i also conduct classes for Mayer Marketing, the people who are the distributors of KitchenAid in Singapore.

Baking is my thing but i love cooking too! Both Cooking and Baking are my passion and photography is my hobby. It’s kinda came together one day when i decided to start taking photo of the food i prepare/eat. 

Check out my instagram gallery   to find out what i bake daily!

I’ll be sharing recipe of food i prepare along the way.

If you need to clarify anything, feel free to drop me a comment or otherwise, drop me an email at mybakingcottage@gmail.com

Thanks for checking out my blog!




14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I tried the Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake recipe, it works!
    I used 5% fat soft cheese this time, it works perfectly well! (No need to use full fat which is 10% fat) The only think I’m not too keen is that the cake tastes a bit eggy for me (6eggs). So Next time, I will use less eggs & add 1/2tsp of lemon zest into the cake to make it more refreshing! I also baked delicious NY Cheese Cake too~

  2. Hi Charlynn,
    Glad to know through today’s Rainbow Cake class.
    I have a blog too. I started baking last year and fall in love with it. From then on I have been baking, attending classes and trying different recipes.

  3. Japanese cottage cheesecake

    How to make whole cheesecake fluffy as only top part fluffy after baked, bottom just cream taste.

    Thank you to take some time to answer my question.

    Many thanks.

  4. Hai! I admired by your passion in baking, i m passionate about baking too . Would you share a little tips for new bakers at home ? Was wondering how you start all of these by self-taught?

    Thank you so much and your creation really wonderful

    • Hello, So sorry for the late reply. Been crazy busy at work.
      i would say do not be afraid to try and fail. Try whatever that you think you want to try and use good ingredients! i started baking as i was really bored studying, so this became an outlet for me to destress.

      i just started baking and has nv stopped since. Even became a career for me which was pretty sweet.

      you can do it too! Feel free to check with me should you have any questions! Would be more than happy to help you!

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