Matcha Strawberry Shortcake

Don’t we all love a light and fluffy cake that is light on the palate? If that’s that you like, i have the perfect recipe for you! As much as i bake, i almost never eat my own bakes except for a taste test, but i could chow down a slice of this which pretty … Continue reading

Moist & Fluffy Banana Cake

Fluffy and Moist Banana Cake As usual, it’s crazy week at work and finally a weekend that i do not have to work! But that also means no more procrastinating. No reason not to get posts up. i have so many post i want to issue, but i just couldn’t get down to penning it. … Continue reading

Orange Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Cottony Soft Orange Chocolate Chiffon Cake First thing first, Happy Lunar New Year to all Chinese readers out there! i hope you all enjoyed the celebration as much as i do. As usual, i’m still trying to find time to update the blog as much as i can. There’s just so much going on, more … Continue reading

Strawberry Fraisier Cake

Strawberry Fraisier Cake! This is a long overdue post! Made this birthday cake for my mom during mid july. i’ve been thinking hard on what cake should i be making and dealing with a couple of other things going on, it has been pretty stressful! i had job decisions to make, exam results are coming … Continue reading

Pistachio Raspberry Mini Cakes

Pistachio Raspberry Mini Cakes Hello people! What a hectic week i had! Was revising for my prelims, baking, doing interviews and off course preparing some desserts for a potluck party! i was thinking really hard what should i make for the photoshoot and BAM! Saw some pistachios (leftovers from chinese new year) laying around and … Continue reading

Nigella Lawson’s Traditional Christmas Fruitcake

Traditional Awesome Fruit Cake! Alright! Traditional fruit cake! Many people have been requesting for this recipe! Nigella’s recipe is my favorite by far for that intense flavor and this recipe really packs a punch! So flavorful and if you give it some time to mature, showering it with a little love of whiskey everyday for … Continue reading

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake! Oh boy! Been so busy with school and tonnes of orders. With the Christmas approaching, there’s even more bakes going on! Christmas recipes will be up really soon. Here are some of the bakes or orders i’m really busy working on! My baking schedule is kinda packed all the way till year end … Continue reading