Brown Butter Madeleines

Brown Butter Madeleines! One of the best i have tasted in a while! i’m really glad to be back blogging, baking and cooking! As some of you may know, Mayer has sponsored me with a bunch of Kitchenaid Attachments and in the upcoming months, i’ll be working out recipes with them using the various attachments, … Continue reading

Matcha (Green Tea) Madeleine

Matcha Madeleine! i’ve been dying to try something matcha since i have just gotten a bottle of matcha powder from Japan! i kind off love everything Matcha and how it actually comes together so well in the Madeleines. These babies are such easy treats to bake and if you do follow the recipe and chill … Continue reading

Lemon Chocolate Madeleines

Lemon Chocolate Madeleine i’m back people! Exam results was released a couple of days back & luckily, i cleared all my modules! Phew!! (Spending too much time in the kitchen is definitely not the best thing) hehe 😀 Baked this little babies last night and people are already asking for the recipes on instagram, so … Continue reading

Honey Madeleines

I’m munching on these madeleines as i’m typing this post! The dad requested for some of these for him to bring to the office for his colleagues, so here it is! Made 2 batches of the batter last night so that there’s enough for us to munch on as well *greedy people Madeleines is one … Continue reading