Wholemeal Durian Cheese Tart

Durian Cheese Tarts! With all the cheese tarts craze going on now, i was thinking i have to bake some soon! Having tried most of the baked cheese tarts out there, i must say they are really good but it’s always the case where if the fillings are really good, the tart shells are just meh and … Continue reading

Cheesy Charcoal Loaf

Who loves Cheese?! i’m sure many of us would love a nice melty cheese in our bread! This was also one of the favourites during the demos! They were mostly intrigued by the black charcoal appearance of the loaf! Recipe Yields 2 Loaves Preferment Dough (Old Dough) ingredients 40g Bread Flour 4g Instant Yeast 28g … Continue reading

Cheesy Quiche Tart

Undoubtedly the easiest and most flavorful quiche tart! i’m loving it! ♥♥♥♥♥ Alright! i’m back again. Realized i’m super productive when i’m busy. Besides studying, i managed to whip up this quiche in less than an hour. it’s those random thought after dinner and i was staring at my bottle of heavy cream in the … Continue reading

Bacon Cheese Loaf

This bread was totally a random bake! Apparently i had nothing to do and was stuck at home due to the really terrible haze that hit Singapore! How irresponsible of the indonesians! Although my house was fully air conditioned, somehow i still smell the haze! BAD!! i was totally hoping that the aroma of freshly … Continue reading

Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake

Alright! Down to the final blogpost of the day! Got really tired sieving & editing photos! Craving for fiesta cheesecake? no worries! Presenting to all of you, Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake! This is a really light, airy & moist cake! i have done this recipe countless times & i always bring them to parties whenever … Continue reading