Pandoro (Golden Bread)

It’s the time of the year again where christmas bakes goes crazy! Presenting the Pandoro, a sweet, butter and egg rich Italian holiday bread! PandorosĀ are traditionally made in star shaped moulds or you could use any regular bundt bands or even panettone moulds! For the ease of easy baking, i have used a hybrid starter … Continue reading

Merry Christmas & A Recap of 2014

Merry Christmas to All my readers! So sorry for the lack of updates as i’m extremely busy with my new job and lots of adjusting to the working lifestyle. The 1st job i had in my life and i’m pretty much enjoying it, glad to be learning lots of stuff. Then again, i took an … Continue reading

Nigella Lawson’s Traditional Christmas Fruitcake

Traditional Awesome Fruit Cake! Alright! Traditional fruit cake! Many people have been requesting for this recipe! Nigella’s recipe is my favorite by far for that intense flavor and this recipe really packs a punch! So flavorful and if you give it some time to mature, showering it with a little love of whiskey everyday for … Continue reading

Granola Clusters

Granola cluster with mixed fruits & nuts HO HO HO! it’s the season to be JOLLY & MERRY! it’s my favorite season of the year and you have guessed it right! it’s the CHRISTMAS!! Every year, i try to think of something new that i have not gave to people around me and to me, … Continue reading