Matcha Strawberry Shortcake

Don’t we all love a light and fluffy cake that is light on the palate? If that’s that you like, i have the perfect recipe for you! As much as i bake, i almost never eat my own bakes except for a taste test, but i could chow down a slice of this which pretty … Continue reading

Matcha Sesame Loaf

My most sincere apology for those who have been waiting for my recipes from the demo. i know it took me awhile, but i was so overwhelmed with my work, i was that close to being suffocated with work. And obviously work is never ending, but doing something that i love for a career is … Continue reading

Matcha (Green Tea) Madeleine

Matcha Madeleine! i’ve been dying to try something matcha since i have just gotten a bottle of matcha powder from Japan! i kind off love everything Matcha and how it actually comes together so well in the Madeleines. These babies are such easy treats to bake and if you do follow the recipe and chill … Continue reading