Wholemeal Durian Cheese Tart

Durian Cheese Tarts! With all the cheese tarts craze going on now, i was thinking i have to bake some soon! Having tried most of the baked cheese tarts out there, i must say they are really good but it’s always the case where if the fillings are really good, the tart shells are just meh and … Continue reading

Cheesy Quiche Tart

Undoubtedly the easiest and most flavorful quiche tart! i’m loving it! ♥♥♥♥♥ Alright! i’m back again. Realized i’m super productive when i’m busy. Besides studying, i managed to whip up this quiche in less than an hour. it’s those random thought after dinner and i was staring at my bottle of heavy cream in the … Continue reading

Egg Tarts 黑妈妈蛋挞

Egg tarts (蛋挞) has been on my to bake list since forever and i never found a recipe that i thought was worth a try. i wanted something that wouldn’t involve the water and oil dough. Too much job there, till the day i’m very free, i might give that a try 🙂 There have … Continue reading

Luscious Fruit Tart

We just celebrated Father’s Day and this is the tart i made for all the dads at my house! & off course for all the other guests as well. i was busy preparing the food for dinner that i totally forgotten to order a cake or what so ever, thus, my bakes to the rescue! … Continue reading